The vid gameéo poker


The Vidéo Poker is a machine game inspired by poker in its draw version (closed pokeré). Just like in the game of poker, you must make combinations to earn more or less.

The main interest of the Vidéo Poker compared to slot machines is that the player can set up a game strategy.ès the firstère hand shotée by the machine the player will have to make choices and will therefore have an influence on the result.


To play on Vid's machineséo Poker, you must bet a or several pièthese and press the PULL button to receive the cards.

Après that the five cards are dealtées, you must choose the cards you wantéplease keep. Aprèknow séselectioné these cards, press à new on the SHOOT button to draw the new cards that will replace the s cardséselectionées.

The gains are relative to the table préfeelsé on the machine. There are many variations of vidéo poker. The main difféexisting references between them concern the payment table, theésence or not of joker and paid combinations. The most c variantséteaèbres are called Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, All American, Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker and Double Bonus Poker.

The strongest combination that’it is possible to train on n’any variant of vidéo poker is a royal flush, c’is-à-say a hand composedée d’a 10, d’a valet, d’a lady, d’a king and d’an ace of même color (spades, trèfle, cœur, tile). On some machines the player wins a progressive jackpot when’he manages à get this combination.


Royal Flush         
The strongest hand. The five cards must êbe from the même suit AND follow each other AND the suit must start with an Ace.
        Example: A (heart), K (heart ), Q (heart), J (heart), 10 (heart)

Straight flush
The five cards follow each other and from the mêcolor me.
        Example: 10 (Diamond), 9 (Diamond), 8 (Diamond), 7 (Diamond), 6 (Diamond)

Four cards having the mêvalue me.
        Example: 5 (Trêfle ), 5 (hearts), 5 (spades), 5 (diamonds)

Three cards of the même value, and two cards of another même value.
        Example: K (Trêfle ), K (Diamond), K (Heart), 4 (Spades), 4 (Trêfle)

Five consecutive cards.
        Example: A (Trêfle ), K (Square), Q (Trêfle), J (heart), 10 (Spades)

Five cards from the mêcolor me.
        Example: K (Square), J (Diamond), 9 (Diamond), 6 (Diamond), 3 (Diamond), 2 (Diamond)

Three of a kind
Three cards of the mêvalue me.
        Example: 9 (Trêfle ), 9 (Diamonds), 9 (Hearts), A (Spades), 8 (Trêfle)

Two pairs
Two groups of 2 cards having the mêvalue me.
        Example: 4 (Trêfle ), 4 (Diamond), J (Heart), J (Diamond), A (Trêfle)

A pair (Jack or better)
Two cards (Jack or better) that have the mêvalue me.
        Example: 8 (Trêfle ), 4 (Diamonds), J (hearts), J (Spades), A (Trêfle)

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