The Sic Bo game


Sic bo is a casino game of Chinese origin played with three dés. The name of the game means « Pairs of dés ».

Sic Bo is an identical game to roulette in that there are many places on the table to bet.

Contrary to craps où a même « given » can last for several shotsés upà whatever the thrower wins or loses, Sic Bo is played on a single throw of three dés.


In this extremely simple game, however, there are dozens of ways to place a bet..

Players can bet on the following combinations :

Numésingle ro: The rowée inféhigher of the Sic Bo table has six betting areas. They are called bets on a numberésingle ro. If any of the three dés outputs one of the numberséros chosen, (from 1 à 6), you êyour reimbursementé of your bet. If two numéros come out, you earn twice your bet and if three numéros come out, you earn 3 times your bet. So if you bet on the numéro six, that you bet 10 euros and 2 six come out, you receive 20 euros.

Combinations of two numberséros: Bets on two numberséros consistent à bet on 2 num combinationséros. Yes you place a bet on the 6-4 combination and the résultat to dés is 4-7-6, you win 5 times your stake. If the résultat to dés is 6-4-4, you win twice because there are two combinations from 6-4.

Total of three numéros: A bet on a total of three numéros consists à combine displayed totalé we the Dés launchés. Diffétotal annuities have difféannuities odds. A réresult of 3 or 18 is always a dédone. The earnings are as follows:

Gain ratio as a function of the total of three numéros:
4 or 17:50
5 or 16:18
6 or 15: 14
7 or 14: 12
8 or 13: 8
9 or 12: 6
10 or 11: 6

Pass or miss : You can bet on an résultat at the throw of dés with a total value between 4 and 10 (missing) or 11 and 17 (pass). This bet will earn you à odds of 1 to 1. A triplé enteredîwill always be a loss for the player.

Triplets : a precise triple country 150 times the stake.

Double : a double précis pays 8 times the bet (A triplé you will be paidé like a double.).

Any triple : any triple pays 24 times the stake.

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