The game of roulette


Roulette is played with a cylinder, an ivory ball, and a carpet. The cylinder rotates around a pivot and is divided into 37 boxes, numéburpées of 0 à 36, and are the subject of three classifications: odd or even, red or black, missing (numéros 1 à 18) or pass (numéros 19 à 36). The zéro is neither even, nor odd, nor red, nor black, nor pass, nor lack.

Numéros are réleft around the circumference of the cylinder following several règles:
- two numéros that follow each other are never côyou à vsôyou
- the total numberéros is the même of each of the côtés of the diamèbe which divides the z in twoéro, which is between 26 and 32.
- the boxes are alternately red and black


The players bet against the bank on the mat. Players can only bet more than the maximum bet in a single game. Minimum and maximum bets are displayedés à costé from the game table.

Once the bets placed reach the minimum stake, the ball is thrown into the bowl. When the ball stabilizes in one of the boxes, the winnings are awarded.

Losing bets are removed from the stack and winning bets are paid.és according to the following table:

Bet placed on: Paid:
A simple number (full) 35 for 1
One of 12 numbers on the horizontal column (dozen) 2 for 1
Horse (2 numbers) 17 for 1
Solid transverse (3 numbers) 11 for 1
Square (4 numbers) 8 for 1
6 numbers in 2 contiguous transversals (transverse simple) 5 for 1
1st, 2nd and 3rd Column 2 for 1
1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen 2 for 1
5 numbers : 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 6 for 1
Pass (lower half), Lack (upper half), Black, Red, Even, Odd. 1 for 1

For example, if your initial bet is 10$ we have single number (35 to 1) you will receive your initial bet of 10$, more than 35 times your bet of 10$ or 350$. Another example, if you bet 100$ about the color red (1 to 1), you will receive your initial bet of 100$ more gain from 100$.

Special case: the exit of zéro

Box zéro à roulette is there « casino luck », this allows him to gain an advantage over the players.

Here are the différences depending on the roulette variant à which you play:

English Roulette: when the zéro fate, players récupèrent halfé play betsées on simple odds (odd / even, red / black, miss / pass)

Roulette Françease or Européenne: when the zéro spell, you have two options for your bets on the single odds. You can either give up halfé of the bet at the casino, either leave it entirelyèD « in prison » until the next move that the libère if the numberéro comes out, or who makes her a loser if he doesn't come out. If the zéro rolls out several times in a row, the bet value is répick of halfé à every time.

Roulette Améchuckle: this variant possèof two zéros: a simple zéro and a double zéro. Here the règles are simple, if any of the zéros fall you lose all the bets that éwere playedéare we just chances.

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