Starburst XXXtreme Challenge at Cresus Casino

Starburst XXXtreme Challenge at Cresus Casino

You undoubtedly know Starburst, a céteaèshort game that comes from’êbe réinventé by becoming dénow Starburst XXXtreme and which is available on Cresus Casino. A promotion is therefore organizedée for céteaébreak this new version. Dowryée d’a fabulous prize pool of 150 000 $, the promotional campaign is valid from Thursday July 15, 2021 à 10:01 am to Tuesday, Aug 3ût 2021 à 1:59 a.m. (CEST). The minimum stake required to take part à this promotion whose first prize is 25 000 $ is 1 $. Win lottery tickets to take part in the final raffle that takes placeésees up’à 10 112 awards.

How to participate à the Starburst XXXtreme promotion at Cresus Casino ?

The Starburst XXXtreme promotion is a campaign launchedée à tea’occasion of the exit d’a new Starburst version available on the online casino Cresus Casino. If the promotional campaign is open à all players, however, offers are limitedées à one per person, credit card, IP address and household.

Se dérolling on the Starburst XXXtreme game, participation à tea’promotional offer requires a minimum wager of 1 $. The players reçIn fact, lottery tickets are awarded by betting on the participating game. To win a lottery ticket you must wager 200 times 1 $. VS’is-à-say that 200 turns of 1 $ are nénecessary to win a ticket. In addition, you can win a maximum of 5 lottery tickets per day. Also, you increase your chances of winning a prize by accumulating more tickets for the raffle..

How are réparty the winnings of the promotion on Cresus Casino ?

Cresus Casino online casino Starburst XXXtreme promotion will be finalizedôturée by a drawing of lots. Several prizes will be wonés à tea’resulting from this drawing of lots, the amount of’all the prizes making an exceptional prize pool of 150 000 $. The réprice partition is as follows:

-          1 x 25 000 $
-          1 x 10 000 $
-          20 x 1 000 $
-          90 x 500 $
-          10 000 x 5 $ bonus

The récompensations are therefore constitutedées of 112 cash prizes and 10 000 bonus prizes. Moreover, the prices as well as the règles are mentionedés on the participating game. Finally, the prices will be crésaidés on the players account bénotébeneficiaries once the draw has been madeé.

Consult the specials section on Cresus Casino for more than’information.

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