Jackpot of 1,500 euros on Cresus Casino

Jackpot of 1,500 euros on Cresus Casino

Live Casino Cup — 2èmy half-time at Cresus Casino

The Live Casino Cup promotion is launchedée as part of the Coupe d’Europe football and she déroll on the online casino Cresus Casino. Startedéth Thursday, June 10, 2021 à 12:01 p.m. (CEST), it ends on Thursday, June 17, 2021 à 11:59 p.m. (CEST). Aprèit's a firstère part who n’not missingé d’intensityé, the second half is promising with a prize pool of 6 000 $ à split between the top 30 players. A bet of 5 $ or more is required to qualify à this compétition whose first price is the round sum of 1 500 $.

How to participate in the Live Casino Cup — 2èmy half-time at Cresus Casino ?

This twoèpart of the Live Casino Cup promotional campaign is available à all players déholding an account on the Cresus Casino online gaming platform. Note, however, that the offers are limitedées à one per person, credit card, IP address and household. To participate à promotion, you must bet on the participating game which is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Single game éeligible for the Live Casino Cup tournament, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the game where bets are required. They must êbe placedées in balance money réwhile knowing that the minimum stake requiredée is 5 $. They’therefore acts to deliver a part against the’adventurer Gonzo, your goal éso much’reap big gains in order to’get the best payout / stake ratio. Would you know êbe à the height ? Several other players are déterminatedés à win the trophée !

Répartition of Live Casino Cup winnings — 2èmy half-time at Cresus Casino

À tea’from this compétition taking place on the online gaming site Cresus Casino, the 30 best players will be selected.éselectionés. The aceéThe election will be made on the basis of the best win / stake ratio. Thus, the 30 best players who obtained the highest scores élevés will share the prize pool of 6 000 $ destinyée at the tournament. Recall that’in case of’égalité between several players, the player who obtained the score first will occupy the highest place.

As for the récompensated, they are composedées of cash winnings ranging from 100 $ à 1 500 $ and vouchers whose amounts vary from 25 $ à 100 $. The tidy sum of 1 500 $ will naturally go to the winner of the promotion. His dolphin bénotéwill also determine the sum not négligeable of 1 000 $. The others récompensations éalso important are the gains of 800 $, 600 $ and 400 $ réservés respectively to the winners of the threeème, fourthème and fifthèplaces me. In addition, these are the top 10 players who reap gains in esp.èthese while the last 20 players of the top 30 will be satisfied with the vouchers.

All récompensations will be createdésaidées within 24 hours of the end of the’promotional offer.

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