Legal disclaimer is an information site à destination for USA-speaking countries and people around the world. This site contains links to online casino sites which may not êbe allowedés in some countries.

You are responsibleé consult the laws of your country or jurisdiction in order toélaugh that you êyour authorizationsé à play online gambling, before registering on an online casino site.

Gambling is strictly prohibited for minors. You must have theâge léminimum gal requiredé in your country or jurisdiction to be able to participate à Internet gambling.

The information contained on this site cannot êbe to interpretétées as game tips or as solicitations games. The int playerséresés by games must consult local laws, régionales and their country before to play gambling on the Internet, knowing that some casinos on the Internet do not follow the laws to which are boundés the players. is not responsible for any money lost or earnedées during gambling in gambling sites on the Internet, that the name of this site is été cité in the pasté, where the either currently on this information site.

Players who choose to play for real money do so with full gré and à their risks and périls knowing that in all games of chance, there are risks of losing money.

Be careful, gambling involves risks and dangers when it is practiced.és of façwe too intensive and not myîfateée. If you think you have a problemème from déaddiction to games, n’hédo not site à consult and request the’help from player support organizations.

Using the site, you express your agreement with these terms of use and you agree à heed this warning légal.

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